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[fst] [hetalia] Brave and Free

A fan soundtrack for America (Alfred F. Jones) of Hetalia

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(( Here I Am// Bryan Adams ))

here i am, this is me
i come into this world so wild and free
here i am, so young and strong
right here in the place where i belong
it's a new world, it's a new start
it's alive with the beating of a young heart
it's a new day in a new land
and it's waiting for me - here i am

He was born to wild places and wild ways, and men had not yet marked him very heavily. Others like him had come, exclaiming in wonder over the New World, but they did not belong to the land as he belonged to the land; the land did not belong to them as it belonged to him.


(( "Libera Me" From Hell // Gurren Lagann Insert))

do the impossible, see the invisible
raw! raw! fight the power!
touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable
raw! raw! fight the power!
what you gonna do is what you wanna do
just break the rule, then you see the truth

America refused to be ruled, not by a king across the seas, not by the British Empire, not by prudence or fear. England had taught him everything he knew, was his master and mentor and elder brother, yet he set himself and his rough-hewn thirteen colonies against all that imperial strength - and won.

(( Fortune Favors the Brave // Aida soundtrack ))

fortune favors the free
fortune favors the young
fortune favors the brave!

America was a young Nation, with none of the experience or history or linkages of the Old World powers. Yet he charged forward. He had a destiny to manifest! He had territory to claim! And where he might have fallen, where he did wrong and where he faltered - somehow things turned out all right. He was the darling of Lady Luck.

(( Johnny B. Goode // Mark Campbell version ))

people gonna come from miles around
to listen to you play until the sun goes down
and one day maybe your name gonna be in lights

He let his people fantasize, told them they were free to chase their goals, to realize the American Dream. America, the land of opportunities, they called him; and they flocked to his shores because he gave them hope. If he could do it, why couldn`t they?

(( Cocky // Kid Rock ))

they say i'm cocky, and i say what
it ain't bragging, mother******
if you back it up

The other Nations called him arrogant, headstrong - cocky. He barrelled on, so intent on his own purposes he forgot to consider others. He did it because he could - he did it because he'd climbed all the way to the top, because he had the strength to back his careless words. He was the United States of America, and he was the last superpower standing.

Bonus crack

Wakko's America, by Wakko Warner
The names of all fifty states, and their capitols - set to ~*~music~*~.
Cheeseburger in Paradise, by Jimmy Buffett
Because how can you understand Alfred without referring to his intense and fated love affair with cheeseburgers?

Download the album here:
Megaupload // Mediafire
 ((PS: Sorry about the crappy album art; I'm no artist. Also, LJ formatting = soaihdoiasdhjiaohdoiash))
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