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Jan. 30th, 2008

Trying out a meme seen on the Nejiten comm. It was a great little writing exercise.

Title: Ten Nejiten Song-drabbles
Rating: PG-13/T
Genre: general, some angst and some fluff
Fandom: Naruto canon
Characters: Hyuuga Neji, Tenten

Notes: Music Meme
1.Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

  • Coventry Carol. 3:08

The snow fell soft and white outside the window; the effect was as if he was being encased in a giant snowglobe. It was four in the morning. He hadn't been able to sleep; neither had his screaming son. The sky was red....not with sunrise, but the red sky at morn that warned sailors of danger...

He paced. Little Shen screamed, and the sound pounded and pierced in Neji's head. Suddenly he wanted to shake the little boy.

Tenten would have been able to sing him to sleep. But Tenten wasn't here. Neither was Shen's twin brother, who died too small to even receive a name. Neji took a deep breath and sang in a voice that was coarse with tears.

(lullay, lullay, thou little tiny child/ by, by, lully lullay)

  • Arabian Nights - Aladdin OST. 1:24

How had it come to this? Hyuuga Neji was a prince of China, sent to the rich desert kingdoms of the southern Yong empire, bearing gifts to entice the rulers to trade. But at his first sight of the white-and-gold cities....he and his were overwhelmed by a whirling dervish of desert-bandits, right within sight of the city walls. Their leader leaned down, grabbed his chin in a surprisingly soft grip, and purred as golden eyes examined its prize. That was when he realized the leader...was a girl.

(Arabian nights, 'neath Arabian moons/a fool off his guard could fall, and fall hard/out there on the dunes)

  • Just Communication Melody Box. (Gundam Wing OP1) Two-Mix. 3:40

Tenten examined the music-box. On top of it, an armored figure in white, blue and red spun slowly, its limbs gracefully extended in an attitude of combat, not dance - though one might argue that the two were similar. The chiming, tinny notes of the music-box's song rang in the air. She smirked at Neji.

"Thank you. It's lovely - no - it's COOL."

Leave it to Neji to commision her a present so suiting. No ballerina on top of exquisite carvings for her. Instead, a warrior - with interchangeable weapons! - and a box carved with dragons and hawks. She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

  • Send it Up - Vertical Horizon. 3:38

They dance about, circle and ring and intersect, feet tapping out a battle's beat. The grass is wet with dew. She lunges - he steps back, dodges, and then goes on the attack when her sword-kata ends. Now it is her turn to step back. They circle and cycle in this way, lunge-stepback, attack-defend.

He steps inside her guard, whirls, grabs her wrist. There is a flash of chakra and suddenly her katana is spinning into the air, knocked out of her hand. It glitters as it catches the light of the just-rising sun. When it thuds back to the ground, blade burying itself onto the earth, there is no notice from its mistress - she is under her opponent, now victor, and she is concerned with things aside from sparring.

(oh you make me lay down/oh you make me forget i am here)

  • Dream Fragments - Chrono Cross.  1:34

Stars glitter overhead and in her eyes. They sit together on a grassy hill, and the air is sharp with the scent of cut grass and pine sap. She's sitting curled up and compact, knees hugged to her chest and chin resting on them as she points out star constellations. Her companion nods and nods, sprawled next to her, but his eyes don't leave her face.

  • Teenager in Love - from Raving Rabbids 2. 3:09

Hiashi had been laughing at him, Neji was morbidly certain. Hanabi had certainly been, and even Hinata - even his gentlest relative seemd to have been hiding a smile behind her hand. He didn't think his actions that noteworthy... all right, they were a little unusual. HOWEVER, the stupid boy had been asking for it. How dare he lay hands on Tenten? She'd so obviously been unhappy that first time, and surely she'd only accepted his invitation to dance for politeness. She didn't like to dance - right?

He sighed when he reached the sanctuary of his bedroom, uncharacteristacally flopping onto his bed. Well, circumstances had contributed, but he had to admit that most of his suffering had come from his own hands. HE was the one going retarded whenver he saw her - or caught a whiff of her scent - or...

Gods DAMN it.

(each night i ask the stars up above/ why must i be a teenager in love)

  • Honoo no Tobira. (Gundam SEED Destiny Insert) FictionJunction YUUKA. 4:46

Her first memory is flight. Not the winged freedom of birds, but escape - fleeing a white city, set on an island paradise where dark gold sunsets burnished green seas. There had been olive trees, and two towers connected by a soaring span of bridge - she could remember that. Her father had been holding her hand very tightly as he tugged her towards the ships sailing away from the burning ruin of the harbor, but she kept looking back - they'd forgotten something, she knew - something important - and her last sight of the city before her father picked her up and ran had been the peak of the nearer tower bursting into flame....

She sat upright with a gasp, her skin clammy with sweat. Her throat worked as she gulped for air. Beside her, Neji sat up as well, wordlessly gathering his trembling wife into arms that held and comforted.

"Don't ever leave me," she begged him, a whisper warm against his chest. "Don't ever make me leave you."

She asked him the same things every time she had that nightmare, but she had never told him what had been in them.

( red rain pours down on the lamenting earth/ the cry of the wind stirs up dark flames)

  • Makes Me Wonder - Maroon Five. 3:29

She draws eyes as she moves, sleek and slick and smooth. Everything about her is sharp - the lines of her dark clothes, the look in her eyes, the weapons hidden up sleeves and strapped onto ankles. Eyes flicker to her - some dart away and more linger, drinking her in. She returns no one's interest - not even the gaze of a pair of silver eyes that once held her entire world.

(give me something to believe in/ because i don't believe in you anymore)

  • Spring I - Vivaldi. 3:08

Dance is organized movement, routes and steps and partners prescribed. And outfit, of course - costume, she thought - let us not forget that. She squirmed irritably in her dress. The red silk of the actual garment, modeled after the qipao dresses of her own Yong empire was not so bad, strictly speaking. But the corset was a killer. She tried to concetrate on breathing and dancing, not only one to the exclusion of the other. Poor Neji's feet must have been rather sore by now....Lightning TAKE whoever thought up formal dances, anyway.


Yes, the corset was a killer - Neji agreed on this. But they disagreed on how it was knocking people dead. He was glad she was distracted - she may not have liked where his eyes were wandering.

  • If I Could. Jack Johnson. 4:26

Rain pattered on the window-glass, setting up a soothing rhythm. The sky was gray, but a soft gray - like soft blankets and a baby's greyish eyes and downy feathers. The odd comparison floated in Neji's mind as he lazed about in bed, watching the rain on his window. The rain seemed to be justifying his decision to lay in bed that whole day. Well, that and....he looked down at the slender figure breathing softly in his arms, curled up close to him, and rubbed a milkpod-soft lock of hair in between thumb and forefinger.

(you know that i would now / if only i could)


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Jan. 30th, 2008 03:47 pm (UTC)
I haven't seen you around for a while. I've missed you, darling. ;__;

A very interesting meme, and one I would love to try if only the short time constraints didn't make me so nervous. But I liked some of these, and am impressed you were able to come up with them in such a short time. I really liked the first one, as tragic as it is. It reminded me vaguely of On the Battlefield only not with a not so insanely mourning Neji.

...And I just realized now that you were not in the filter I made when I posted up a fanfic meme last week. D: *FIXES THAT* Because even though I'm not doing the themes at ten_squared anymore, I'm still writing about our favorite weapon goddess~


Proceed with caution, it's a long list. Feel free to comment, or not. I just thought as one of my most loyal of readers (and supporters of my non-canon writing), you'd like to see what I was up to these last few months. *trying to not sound self promoting, thinks she's failing though* ^^
Jan. 31st, 2008 05:37 am (UTC)
Wow, these are very nice indeed. ^^ [and I don't even usually read Neji/TenTen! =0] -memories-
Feb. 11th, 2008 10:30 am (UTC)
These are spectacular! I loved the depth of some of these, which is amazing given the constraints. Awesome work!!!
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